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Product Management

Less than 60 seconds to upload more than 100.000 products.

gestione prodotti ecommerce farmacia


  • eCommerce integration with Pharmacy Management software.
  • Integration with every Management softwares.
  • Integration one way and two way.

  • Auto-upload of all products with photo and description. Upload unlimited products.
  • Chance to manually disable for each product the Management software sync.
  • Chance to manage straight from your database the upload of all your products on Trovaprezzi, Kelkoo, Google and others.
  • Chance to assign for each product a specific quantity that can only be sold in the Pharmacy.
  • Chance to assign for each product a maximum amount that can be purchased in one time.

  • Upload prices from the Management software.
  • Monitor competitors prices on a daily basis.
  • Automatically update products prices based on profitability.

  • Boost your sales organizing your products thanks to specific sales opportunity.
  • Products clustering for newsletter
  • Automatically create Landing Page with products groupped with the same TAG

  • Customizable URL
  • Indipendent Management of meta data

  • Categories Management on more levels
  • Automatically manage your products based on the most profitable categories.
  • SEO Management of product categories


Seller Dashboard

Send data to the National Health Service, manage eletronic invoices and
save time thanks to Farmakom. Manage all transactions from your dashboard.

  • Shipping info, invoices and list of all bought products.
  • Possibility to add/remove products from order while fulfilling it.
  • Smart search tool for detect all your orders thank to numerous filters.

  • Seamlessly integrated with Nexi's services.
  • Get access to: payment status, data and transaction code.
  • Refund Management within the platform
  • Possibility to ask for additional amounts directly from the platform.

  • Automatically generate accounting documents (invoices and credit notes) .pdf and .xml
  • Export accounting data compatible with your business consultant request
  • Send Health Costs

  • A lot of advanced filters to monitor your shipping status, dates and codes.
  • Generate Picking List to set up your packs, with CSV export.
  • Custom choice to set different prices for different shipping rules.
  • Custom choice to apply a minimum thresold for your cart in order to get free shipping.
gestione vendite ecommerce farmacia


Marketing Management

The experience of over +200 pharmacies made us give
life to the most completed Mobile App for
Pharmacies available today for the market.

gestione marketing farmacia

  • Apply discount to brands, categories or single products.
  • Set up the time lapse for your promotions!
  • Create coupon with different rules ready to be used

  • Trovaprezzi feed Management
  • Kelkoo feed Management

  • Fully integrated with AWIN
  • Collaboratore with a network that counts over 250.000 publishers
  • Pay on what you sell

  • Every users can add in its own MyArea a friend's email to invite him on your eCommerce

  • Decide when to send the abandoment cart email to your users and boost your recovery cart rate.


Product Management

The experience of over +200 pharmacies made us give
life to the most completed Mobile App for
Pharmacies available today for the market.

  • You choose! You have control over all the graphic contents.
  • Order processed recap and average value.
  • Creative support for creating your banners!

  • Analytical support to identify what to talk about
  • You choose! You have complete control on news and media

  • Edit contractual pages
  • Terms and Condition
  • Privacy and Cookie policy

Pharmacy eCommerce Report

Report & Stats

We truly believe that to make game changing decisions you need to be supported by data that can lead your pharmacy.

statistiche ecommerce farmacia

  • Interactive graphs for Revenue, Costs & Marginality
  • Best products & categories report
  • Compare your performance over time

  • Users Data export
  • Sales Data export
  • Finacial Data export

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